I think spring is springing…????

29 Jul

or so I say! What makes me even think this?

Cos the jasmine is about to flower
Cos my dogs are trying to mate ( and they are girls!)
I sweat at gym
I switched the underfloor heating down and I am still warm.
The birds are twittering loudlly ( maybe they wanna mate too)
I really want to eat the salad at lunch time.
I get this feeling when spring is springing…. I am saying no more.

Well whatever it is I think it’s on it’s way. If you have had the highs of summer you should be seeing the leaves a-turning round about now and I am sorry for you. But you’ve had your turn and it’s ours now 🙂

So dogs, spring may have sprung, but let’s not jump the gun yet….


One Response to “I think spring is springing…????”

  1. mugsbigsis 29 July, 2008 at 10:34 pm #

    HA! Those silly girls! As I go to a much hotter and stickier climate than I’m use to I’m happy for you that you will be having nice weather. Enjoy it!

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