there’s always one

1 Aug

don’t ya think?

There’s always one that stands out. Who says left when everyone says right, who’s ideas just simply seem to go against the grain. They say it’s black when it’s actually grey ! They use floor mats on their wall in their formal lounge. They wear socks on their hands kind of people.

I think those people are my kind of people. But they must be different because they are different, not simply to be different for differents sake. So !

when I bought this bunch of tulips last week I thought they were all white. One opened and it was a beautiful shade of pink. I have looked it all week and told it every time I walk past the vase… you’re my kind of tulip.

In fact, ALL tulips are my kind of tulips, but this one with it’s pretty pink blush made me think about the differences I like in people. It celebrates uniqueness and I love it.

So, if anyone wants to send me flowers at ANY stage feel free to get me my fav flower, that makes me smile for some weird reason. Let’s see if you can organise a little surprise though….



2 Responses to “there’s always one”

  1. voodoo vixen 2 August, 2008 at 6:08 am #

    Oh my, beautiful photo of a beautiful tulip – and I love your single pinky one!!

  2. jacki janse van rensburg 10 August, 2008 at 5:26 pm #

    love this photo!

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