happy birthday sis….

6 Aug

6th of August has always been a very special day to me.

It is my sister, Carmel’s, birthday. She is older than me –yeah–and despite the fact that we live 1000km’s from each other, and the fact that we are quite different in personality, size,colouring and a few other things, we are still together. We never fight, we may disagree and I so wish life didn’t get in the way that we could have debates about how to solve thee world’s problems. We have history… We have our past… we share genes….

She works too hard, and doesn’t give herself time. If I could give her something for her birthday it would be that. A week to do just what she wants. She has a beautiful son ( my nephew) and cos we live so far apart I don’t get to see them often enough.

Anyways I wanted to dedicate this spot to her Carmel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.



One Response to “happy birthday sis….”

  1. Carmel 6 August, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    THANKS SISTER…..So when will the vouchers reach me for the week at the Spa?? Love that you wrote this for little ol me…. we do share a special space, wish we had more one on one time (sister to sister). Love you always Carmel

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