How many sleeps ?????????????????

31 Aug

Countdown to Christmas

Can’t Wait?
How long ’til Christmas?

115 Days

10 Hours

36 Minutes

…But who’s counting?

I love Christmas and I can’t wait ! Well I can, actually, cos then it means that the wedding is over. Leigh-Anne and Steve’s honeymoon has finished and real life has to begin. Ok, so then I will be waiting for grandchildren. Right ?

You are R-I-G-H-T 🙂

I have, in fact, always been a forward looking person. Always looking forward to the time something is happening. I think that’s what makes me tick. PLanning and thinking about some upcoming event. It might be loking forward to the time I can afford to buy something I can’t right now. At times this was food, or a new pair of shoes. Or the time I will go on holiday. Or the time I may be able to stop trundling to work each morning after I have dropped the kids off at school.

I hope I don’t start to plan my funeral … or my final resting place. Well I hope I don’t start doing this soon anyway !

If you want to know HOW many sleeps it is til Christmas bookmark this


One Response to “How many sleeps ?????????????????”

  1. mugsbigsis 31 August, 2008 at 9:34 pm #

    I’m a forward thinking person, too. I started the “I can’t wait to be a grandma” thing when my oldest was 14. (My husband just about died). I look forward to meeting up with my friends, traveling to new places and ok, grandchildren. :O) Christmas is too stressful for me to look forward to just yet. 😉

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