5 Sep

so I know I have been MIA!

Sorry ….life is just a bit hectic. Some exiting things…some mundane…. some utterly scary.

It’s certainly wedding fever in this house. Everywhere you look there is Table numbers, KG’s of sweets for the buffet, Name tags, Menus, wedding shoes, material, lists, lists and more lists. There is glue and ribbon, framed canvas’s, there is bags for out of town guests, there is left over invites. Did I say lists?

I have suntan tablets right in front of me, here as I type. I have to take them for a month and then I will have the TAN to die for ! Ok so the vitamin man at the chemist smiled as he handed the bottle over and I handed him some notes ! But I thought it is worth a try ! What do you think? You will all smile when you see the mother of the bride with this perfect (orange) tan ! Hee hee

Leigh-Anne and I have worked out some very interesting details for the day – like the way the rings are getting to the alter ( all to be revealed), and a few other ceremonys over the weekend and during the service etc.

I would LOVE to know the NICEST/DIFFERENT thing you ever saw at a wedding ! Leave a comment ….

Ok, gotta dash. there are some name tags to print


2 Responses to “mia”

  1. mugsbigsis 5 September, 2008 at 3:43 am #

    When at a wedding it is soooo nice when the couple faces the guests and the guests only have to see the back of the officiant. We did this at our wedding (way back when) and my husband’s grandfather (who was a southern baptist minister at my catholic wedding) raved about it every time I saw him until the day he passed away.

  2. jacki janse van rensburg 5 September, 2008 at 12:13 pm #

    i once saw a stand at the door with table seating lists. but, instead of just the table number with the list below it, the couple had taken silly photos of themselves posing with the different numbers. then the list of guests was below the photo.

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