I always keep promises

25 Nov

In our family if you say “I PROMISE” that means you have done something, or you will do something and it can never, ever be a lie ! EVER ! It’s a family rule. If I asked my kids “you promise?” they could never ever not tell the truth. It was a great tool to have in my arsenal of motherhood.

So ! I promised to return to my blog after a very short break and here I am. I am thinking all FA-LA-LA Christmas thoughts and ideas, but many of my friends are so damn organised and they say things like “I just wrapped my last Christmas present”  WHAT ????  I  SCREAM….I haven’t even written a list yet.

So the thing is, I love Christmas. I don’t mean this like I love pink… or I love blue… I mean I L-O-V-E buying and wrapping and deciding and procrastinating and thinking of the things I know so-and-so would love.

Thing is though that dear daughter (as in dd) has decided SHE is the mama of the household and she just sent out a list to all of us. No conferring, no “MOM when you gonna do a list” nothing. We used to have a Christmas wish list every year stuck on the fridge by moi, now it came per email. All boring and business like, so I prettied it up with some Father Christmas’s and some presents and resent. Can’t help myself sometimes you know. She just took the reins and went. Man I hate that !

So the same stuff gets put on the list every year. Ian wants an aeroplane. Dust ALWAYS needs work and play clothes, Leigh-Anne and my requests are long and interesting. Big and small items. Fun and practical. Like courses and useful things. Socks and equipment. We offer it all !

Steve plucked up the courage this year to put a NEW plasma TV on the list. Ok so, he has officially arrived as member #5 of this family ! When you start adding GREAT ideas on the list you are in !

So, despite the fact that this HAS to be the busiest time of my year ( it ALWAYS is ! ) with function photography and then all the families that want my pound of flesh before so and so leaves town, I have booked myself on a writing course next week and I can’t wait.

Maybe then I won’t leave my blog alone, not even for ONE day ! I think it is simply time to put my feet UP ! Anyone wanna join me ?



2 Responses to “I always keep promises”

  1. voodoo vixen 25 November, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    Well, I am getting organised, made some cards, made some gift boxes, but its not very Fa la la la la here… I need the shops all glittered and lit up… I need the carols and silly christmas songs in every shop… and I can’t find a christmas cake or a christmas pudding or mince pies… a gammon is out of the question too…. 😦

    So you just fa la la la for both of us Sam!! 😉

  2. mugsbigsis 25 November, 2008 at 1:37 pm #

    Oh, I’m so glad to hear you are doing the course. I think it will be
    “your thing”. So nice to add to the list of “hobbies”, huh? :O) (LOVE the feet) :O)
    Welcome back. . .

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