The weekend that was.

8 Jun

A busy weekend found me photographing a baby bump and a 9 year olds speedy go kart racing birthday.

A weird side by side comparison as I have to fess up and say the 9 year old I photographed as a newborn. I used film in those days else I would show you a then and now.

It really makes me feel old when I think I took this guys first photos and have done for 9 years at least 2 sessions a year. They have amazing photo albums from these sessions and a LOT of photos adorning the walls of their amazing home.

So from a bump ( who I am extremely priveleged to say I am witnessing coming into this world in a few months) to a nine year old. A wedding shoot should have been in the middle of this – but thank goodness wasn’t 🙂

Have a look !

these kids amazed me. What does a 9 year old know about accelerators and brakes ? well they certainly get it immediately ! amazing !


and on to a bump…..

So from Bumps to 9 year olds it was a great, busy weekend!


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