19 Jan

142 days to go …..

It’s weird that here in South Africa twenty ten (as it’s called) is an event not a year. We (South Africa) are hosting the world cup soccer this year, in June and July and the hype and exitement is really building. I, personally love the game. I have quarter final tickets which I got through a lottery – so I am doubly exited. The sad thing is there is 6 of us in my immediate family and i only got 4 tickets – so 2 people are sitting out. Sorry for them ….. cos I aint one of them 🙂

We have had many different count downs. The skeptics here and abroad said the stadiums will never be ready. They are. They say the fields will be rubbish. They aren’t. They say our team – bafana bafana – will have their proverbial a$%s kicked. I hope we don’t. The noise is without doubt – going to be mind blowing.

There is a horn that the locals blow called a vuvuzela and I can only imagine how loud it is going to be. Yes the a have something to say about that too 🙂

I say – BRING IT ON. let the games begin. And let us show the world how AWESOME our country is. Skeptics not invited.

One Response to “2010”

  1. mugsbigsis 28 March, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    I was in an airport during the last big event and I have to say that everyone was cheering, yet none of them were from the area. A world event bringing people together is the name of the game. :O)

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