Meeting the judges

9 Nov

A “bossy” young girl named Kate comes through to the foyer where we all chittering and chattering and vying for a position. A hush descends for the first time in the hour we have been there. It is almost deafening.

Kate announce : “ Hi contestants. Please follow me…”. We follow her like she was the mama goose with her goslings behind.

As we go in we are handed a Nikon bag heavy with equipment. We wonder what is in there. But we are asked not to look. But Pierre does. He announces to us that it’s a D5000. A disappointment for a few of us that use much higher end cameras on a day to day basis. This is a brand new realease camera and probably awesome for the entry level user, however it is an entry level camera. Yikes. I personally am wondering how i will cope with it!

We arrive in a massive studio. A huge infinity wall painted green. A semi circle ring of economy style chairs. We sit. There is a multitude of people up front. Waiting to chat to us. What will they say ?

Grant – a producer and Kobus – the director welcome us and I get the feeling they are as anxious to get this on the road as we all are.

The moment has come. We are about to meet the team. One by one, group by group , we meet the whole behind-the scenes team.

Firsty the host. Craig Urbani. I think most of the contestants would not know who he is. I do. A friends teenage daughter had a crush on him years ago when he was just out of school and he had agreed to come to her 16th birthday party with a bunch of flowers. I know he is kind and sweet and funny. And talented. One down many to go.

Next are the judges – the people that will decide our fate and time on the show. They come in one by one and sit on the same hard chairs we are sitting on. Funny that. They are so on the “other side” and are celebrities and yet we are all in this together. Some hard seats and all. Josie Borain an international model/photographer. Jenni Button a fashion designer and Bryan Traylor a USA photographer based in South Africa. Mmmm Daunting.

We are set to go. 15 contestants. All sitting there with the hopes and dreams of being THE Sharp Shooter.
We listen like good school kids as he tells us the rules. He explains the format very hesitantly. Keeping referring to Grant and Quinton. He appears to be holding back all the time, nervous of telling us too much. So much can change as it happens I guess.

Questions are flying : “Can I have my haircut during the show ?” “ Can I book shoots on my day off ?” “when you say no branded clothing what does that mean”
But then it quietens down.

“Call time 4am”

No ways ! that means I have to leave home at 3.30. That means I need to be awake at 3. Right !!!

Reality TV is certainly a reality for all of us.

Looking back now I am amazed at how well I described the people on the very first day in my diary. I should really learn to trust my inner instinct.
Onto day one – task one.


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