An easy day

13 Nov

9pm call. What ? Is that right ? I am so excited. Sleep, sleep. We can sleep in.

Our pen today is 2 cement tables at the studio. The sun is beating down, but noone really notices. We chat up a storm. We analyse the task. Try to think how we are going to choose one photo each. How we are going to create our collage.

Today is green screen day. We are going to shoot our intros to the show.

Yesterday we were told about ten times NOT to wear anything green. No Green writing on our clothes or in our shoes. The crew went on and on. My school girl brain kicked in and I suggested to everyone that we should all bring something green to wear. Kobus will have a fit ☺ Everyone complied and we all had a green something. Let the fun begin.

Mbali arrives with her little girl. A sweet little baba, but I bet the producers are not going to be happy about this !
We are summonsed to the boardroom to go through the software we are going to use on the show. It is Nikon’s Capture NX2 software. I have never even heard of it.

Ryan from Nikon is simply going to introduce it to us. Not teach us. But many of the contestants are panicking. They want him to teach them the package. Like click here, click there. But the more ryan says this is an overview the more he is asked indepth questions. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they listen? But as you can imagine the BIGGEST panicker in the 15 people’s name starts with a P. I ask him to please never have a red bull.
I am confident I will handle it tomorrow. I have that kind of brain and think I will be ok.

One by one we are asked to go and do our intro. Everyone puts on their green shirt as they go in. Kobus and the rest of the crew just laughed ! It went down well.

The green screen was simple. “Stand here. Turn in and look at the camera” “smile” “don’t smile”. “thanks”

1pm home time. I feel like I have been let out of school. No pen for me today.

At home my phone rings. Its Pierre. How did he even get my number? He is panicking about the software. He has tried to download it from the internet., but no luck. He then drove through to Nikon in midrand and got a trial version. He asks me to bring my laptop in the next day. ( I use Apple) The question is : Should I ? Is he opposition or not ? I don’t actually have the software on my laptop. I could download it I suppose. So I do, but I haven’t decided if I should share that with others or not. I spend 10 mins looking at it. Its easy enough. I am happy.


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