10 hours to go !

7 Nov

10 hours to go.

10 hours until all starts to be revealed. The promos and build up for the show has been fun to watch and be a part of and this will certainly be my 15mins of fame.

Well actually my first claim to fame was when I was 15mins old. I was on TV then. Back in the 60’s. Can you believe that? One of those pieces of info you would never have known about me. The whole reason was that my dad delivered me in a massive snow storm. The mid-wife couldn’t get there in time – I was clearly in a hurry to be a part of the world and was not gonna wait for a midwife to come. So, back to being on TV part of the story. The house was freezing, no money in the 60’s you know. So the warmest place in the house was on top of the TV. So there I was all brand new, snuffling and staring up at the world and I was put in a shoe box on top of the TV. See – I told you I was on tv when I was 15mins old. ( Sorry – that is the LAMEST story my dad, bless his British dry sense of humour soul, always proudly told)

SO back to later today and the next 10 weeks.

Sharp Shooter South Africa. It’s gonna be a blast. I think we have all become accustomed to reality TV. I think we all think to ourselves imagine being a part of it. Imagine winning the prizes and title to go with the number 1 spot. Imagine all the glamorous places you go. Imagine the lights/cameras/action. How amazing it would be to have the hair and makeup. How people will look at you as you run down a street with cameras following you. But the reality part of reality tv is it is simply not quite like that.

The prizes and “fame and glory” are so far from your mind. Getting the interviews done without blowing it, actually playing the game, making sure you think about playing the game, not letting people talk you into or out of things. Planning which way to go. Trying to outsmart the system. Trying to think what the production team are going to throw you into in the next 5 minutes or the next day. The unknown was a big thing for me. I am usually very planned and organised and I kind of know what the day or week will bring. Not on a reality TV set. I learned very quickly to give in to the team and do whatever they said. Allow myself the privilege of not getting over flustered about the timing of things. Hey I wasn’t perfect at not getting a little flustered but I knew I had to relax and succumb to the amazing world of a TV production.

Trying hard not to fall asleep was also high on the thought agenda. The HEAVY schedule was taxing beyond belief. A few hours of sleep a night was tough beyond belief. A lot of that time was sitting around doing nothing – waiting – being on standby – for a take or an interview or a link or hair or makeup. That’s what the reality of reality TV is.
I know that I am going to cringe at a few things I do or say in the show. But that’s what its all about I suppose. There a few incidences that will come forward if they are edited in and they will make me cringe and lol. I will share these with you no matter if they are on TV or not.

I guess I am being billed as the GRANNY. All the pointers are there in the promos. But that’s ok cos it is a position in life I relish and hell it’s what I am. At least I don’t have a perm and a purple rinse hey.

It will be interesting to watch how each person is type cast. I will be chatting about the contestants, in my eyes, as it goes along and it should be fun to here it from the behind the scenes perspective.

My blog entries will always be from my perspective and will have no input or confirmation from the show itself.
I hope you enjoy my sharing of this fun, exciting experience. I will endeavour to keep you behind the scenes right there with me.



24 Oct

Reality TV! It’s a real exciting thing to be a part of. To be on THAT side of the camera. To be the experiment. To be the rat in the cage. Just for the experience. And boy that is what it was. A life changing experience.

The promos were launched tonight. It was GREAT to see everyone on Tv. And to bring back the memory’s of a time that was truly the hardest time of my life! Don’t you be thinking that it’s all glamour and fun. It’s a LOT of waiting. It’s a lot of planning, talking, trying to secure your position. It’s a lot of thinking. It’s a lot……
A lot damn harder than I could ever explain to you here.

What I did whilst I was on the show is I kept a diary. At first, extremely comprehensive, but as the time passed and the challenges got tougher and the inter-personal relationships got hotter and more complicated I didn’t write as much. But – I am going to share this diary with you. Each week ! No holds barred. As I saw it at the time of the shooting.

So, bookmark my blog if this excites you – or get an rss feed or whatever you need to do to tell you – hey there is a new entry ! Watch the show every Sunday evening on M-net (if you can – sorry to my USA/UK/NZ/OZ/UAE readers) and then come here on a Monday morning to see MY side of the story !

Right from my heart – behind the scenes – all real – me.
It’s gonna be a fun ride. I promise.


22 Jul

It’s Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday

4 Apr

and I love that. Only problem is I am working . Photography is a funny industry like that 🙂

But how awesome is a 4 day weekend? Can’t we have one of those like once a month ? It would give us time to stop and smell the roses. It would let us read a book. Paint our nails. Act like a tortoise. I think our souls deserve that kind of treatment. Don’t you?

But then there is reality.

Funny thing that word is rearing its head a lot ! 8 days and counting {not}. I am treading the wire very carefully between being excited and been doubtful and being confident and being sh%^ scared.

But anyways .

Today is EASTER and I will leave you with one of a series of photos I did for some corporate cards a while back.


Take care


Photography is reality

31 Mar

{cough….splutter…. sneeze} It’s the dust you see. 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been around to dust. Or clean. Or share. My whirlwind life of photography. Being a granny. Travel. Has allowed all the dust to build up. And that sucks. Writing is what I love to do. Other than photography.

The is ONE other thing that’s been keeping me on my toes. It is a is a reality show. One for photographers. At last something for photographers. What with fashion shows and hairdressers shows and singing shows I always thought the world saw us a niche that didn’t need to be explored.

So before I sign a contract stating that I can’t tell you anything I thought I would share a little of my feelings and some of the facts. I may have to retract what I say in a future dust clearing excercise, but for now I am a free person 🙂

Here how I have heard it.

3 x 5 member teams.
10 tasks if you get to the finale.
We will travel the length and breadth of the country.
Everyone shoots the task.
One photo of the group to be chosen by the group to be sent to judging.
The judges will choose a winner.
That person gets immunity.
All other photos go into the pot to be judged.
The photo that least expresses the task, the person goes home .

I dont wanna be kicked out first. I will try to win, but don’t expect that. I am in it for the fun. for the learning. Imagine being surrounded by 14 others, in front of the camera , and countless others behind the shoots that share your passion. That LOVE great photography. That feel the art. I can. That’s why in 2 weeks time when I enter the set I will have my game face on.

Have a read of this and believe it or not there is 101 reasons why I wanna do it …..

101 reasons why I would do this.......


19 Jan

142 days to go …..

It’s weird that here in South Africa twenty ten (as it’s called) is an event not a year. We (South Africa) are hosting the world cup soccer this year, in June and July and the hype and exitement is really building. I, personally love the game. I have quarter final tickets which I got through a lottery – so I am doubly exited. The sad thing is there is 6 of us in my immediate family and i only got 4 tickets – so 2 people are sitting out. Sorry for them ….. cos I aint one of them 🙂

We have had many different count downs. The skeptics here and abroad said the stadiums will never be ready. They are. They say the fields will be rubbish. They aren’t. They say our team – bafana bafana – will have their proverbial a$%s kicked. I hope we don’t. The noise is without doubt – going to be mind blowing.

There is a horn that the locals blow called a vuvuzela and I can only imagine how loud it is going to be. Yes the a have something to say about that too 🙂

I say – BRING IT ON. let the games begin. And let us show the world how AWESOME our country is. Skeptics not invited.

I {heart} faces

12 Jan

A natural love.

This photo just oozes love and happiness. A special shared moment in time. With the oldest and youngest males in our family.

I have entered this photo into a community shared photo competition going at

I ♥ faces


7 Sep

My life consists of many facets and ONE is photography. I do it for work – I do it for love – I do it for creativity. It’s my passion. But I know MANY of the people in my life wonder why I do it .

I read this a little while ago and it pulled at my heart strings.

When I look at your photos, I don’t feel like I’m looking at something that you actually saw, I feel like I’m looking at a memory of yours, and the emotions around it at that time.

And then I couldn’t stop thinking, meditating and contemplating all the possibilities that were unfolding before my eyes.

Photography is a lot, lot of different things. It is an art form, a medium, the expression of one self, of a thought, an opinion, an emotion. It is about capturing beauty, and sharing it. What I realized though, is that for me photography is about extending a moment beyond the limits of time, distance and memory. It is giving me, and all of us, the wonderful ability to hold onto that one moment, and how we felt at that moment. How amazing is that?

So if you ever wonder WHY you photograph your life. Remember this.

What do you think????

6 Sep

Aren’t Jenna’s eyes amazing. She is ONLY just 2 and I think her dad better start preparing for trouble….

Living and Loving Baby of the Year ? perhaps

say “cheeeeeeeese”

9 Aug

You know, as we get older we get affected. We get conscious. We get worried about what people will think and say. We don’t let go. We don’t blow bubbles with spit. We don’t let ice-cream get everywhere. We make sure each eyelash is in place. We stop ourselves from LOL. Or snorting. Or bursting into tears. We gulp down all emotion, to save face. We don’t put purple and pink together – even though those 2 colours can scream – ‘ I AM HAVING F.U.N.’

When you are ONE, however, you don’t care.